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Location: Basiano
Bio: The Saint Petersburg Bus Station is located in the city center on the embankment of the Obvodny
Canal. It opened its doors to residents and guests of the northern capital
on May 6, 1963. The building was built according to the project of JSC "Giprotrans".
The first buses went to Tallinn, then to Luga, Novgorod, Moscow, Opochka, Riga, Minsk
and other cities. Earlier, for several years, intercity buses were sent from Mira Square (now
- Sennaya), where the bus station occupied the building of the
Guard House.

The capacity of the bus station in the 1960s was 20 buses per hour, including departures and arrivals.
At the same time, the bus station offered a wide range of services for
passengers. Its building housed a post office, telegraph office, and Soyuzpechat.

For the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg,
the reconstruction of the bus station was completed, as a result of which the city received a worthy gift – a new comfortable transport station complex.
The opening ceremony was held on May 19, 2003.

Today, the bus station on the embankment of the Obvodny Canal serves as the
departure point for regular intercity and international bus routes.
The modern transport station complex is able not only to provide passengers with comfort,
but also meets the established safety requirements.

The bus station has 9 departure platforms equipped with an electronic display board, 4 arrival
platforms and a platform for short-term finding of buses.

For the convenience of passengers, there are 6
ticket offices. The automated ticket sales system allows you to
quickly issue a ticket at any ticket office, regardless of
the chosen destination. Also in the building there is a reference terminal with touch control, a luggage storage, a
cafe, a pharmacy kiosk, a payment acceptance point.
Compliance with the schedule is regulated by the dispatch service.
A pre-trip check-up is organized for drivers at the
medical center. If necessary, a paramedic can provide medical
assistance to passengers. The bus station is
designed for 250 departures per day. Its capacity is
3,500 people per day. The bus service is organized in more than 70 directions.
Buses connect St. Petersburg with Moscow,
the cities of the Republic of Karelia, the Novgorod and Pskov
regions, the Stavropol Territory and other regions of Russia.
International flights are made to Belarus,
Finland, Estonia, Latvia and other European countries.

An important step towards improving the quality of passenger service was the introduction of an electronic ticket
purchase system. Today, in online mode, you can buy tickets
not only for routes that start at the St. Petersburg bus station, but also for departures from other bus stations in Russia.
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